Leadership During A Pandemic

The past week has been unusual. The first sign of panic was noticed in the grocery store with an empty toilet paper isle. Next was cleaning supplies, masks, and gloves are gone. The state of panic supplied several memes on social media. As a leader how do you lead during a time of crisis.

Where is the line between paranoid and appropriate preparation?

Gluttony, maybe? Paranoia causes us to hoard up items and not think clearly during a crisis. It creates anxiety and fear inside of us. Appropriate preparedness is calculated and intentional. It’s buying items you normally use in two or three weeks supply.

I get it!

The enneagram #7 in me wants to store us all the necessary goods. Toilet paper makes sense. As long as you keep it dry, there’s no expiration date. Honestly, I do not want to be in a house full of boys when the toilet paper runs out. There’s just no substitute for toilet paper. Any other substitute will clog your toilets.

During a time of crisis how do you lead wisely?

Think about it!

I can appreciate the emails, texts, and videos on social media, concerning how organizations are handling the the crisis. At some point, we have to ask ourselves do we really need to know certain stores are doing deep cleaning? Does it make us feel comforted to know certain information? Yes, a good cleaning is needed. Also shutting down for two weeks may be helpful for two reasons: 1) Allowing the virus die out and 2) Keeping the virus from spreading. Sounds simple. If your the leader of an organization, it’s extremely difficult.

Really! What does leading wisely look like during a crisis?

Ultimately leading wisely means sacrifice. Something I have learned from leading in crisis, is something has to be done and that may mean letting something else go. You have to take action and keep the greater good in mind, even if it doesn’t benefit you.

Think about it!

Closing schools, businesses, and churches is the wise leadership move, to keep a dangerous new virus from spreading. Take the threat serious, but don’t panic. Think how you can lead wisely in this tune of crisis.

Just…Think about it!


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