Packing or Unpacking Baggage

Do you find it easier to pack for a trip or unpack after a trip?

For me I think it’s easier to pack, rather then unpack. Packing is exciting, because I’m thinking of my trip. I decide the things I want or need to pack. I choose the size of bag or suitcase to take.

On the other hand, I find unpacking tough. I’m forced to decide where things go after my trip. I guess, it could be easier if I wore all of my clothes and all I had to do is empty the suitcase into the washer machine.

But not everyone has it so easy. What about the souvenirs you bought or the clean clothes you have to put away. Unpacking can become a daunting task. Your tired after your trip and you don’t feel like unpacking. Maybe you just leave your bags unpacked and after awhile the dirty clothes begin to smell. All the stuff you let in your bags just weigh you down.

Think about it!

What does your packing or unpacking preference say about you?

As a leadership coach, I get the opportunity to help others think through issues and challenges they face. When we work together, we will create a goal with steps to achieve the results you need to lead and live a better life.

How does that sound to you? Would it be helpful to have someone help you work through a challenge that keeps weighing down?

Think about it!

I would love the chance to help you create a goal and achieve the results you want. Visit to find a time to talk.


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