Quick To Listen

How do you listen?

Do you find it easier to listen or speak?

For me there has been times when I’ve been told that I’m a good listener. However, I’m embarrassed to say that I have more of the speaking thing down. Sometimes I’m already thinking of the thing I’m going to say before I even know what is being said to me.

The Bible addresses this issue. “Be quick to listen and slow to speak.” Why is this verse so important?

Think about it!

Listening requires acting with self-control and patience. It requires paying attention and taking the posture of a learner.

Being quick to listen is a basic relational skill. It helps us understand others and show love towards others. Sometimes the only action someone may need is for you to just listen.

I’ll keep working on my quick to listen skills. Do you want to join me? I’m all ears…


One thought on “Quick To Listen

  1. It is so easy to respond back quickly as someone is talking ( in essence “cut to the chase”) and really not hearing what is being talked about. Not Good!!!!

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