Apprenticeship Living

Moon, Gary W. Apprenticeship with Jesus: Learning to Live Like the Master. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2009.

Gary Moon serves as Executive Director of the Renovare International Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation. He also serves as the Vice President of Integration at Richmont Graduate University. In Apprenticeship with Jesus, he believes a gap exists between belief and real life. Many people will say they believe in Jesus Christ, while they cannot truthfully say they live like Him.

Moon offers a thirty-day journey to begin the process of living like Jesus by becoming His apprentice. He helps his reader move from living the Christian life from an intellectual level to an experiential one. Each day the author provides stories, Scripture, and provides apprenticeship exercises to help readers actively practice being with Jesus.

Consider taking a thirty-day journey through the book. Ask a friend, or mentor/mentee to join you on the journey. What is keeping you from living more like Christ today?


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