God’s Promise

Think about it! God makes promises and keeps them. Notice the rainbow in the picture. It reminds us of his faithfulness. Psalm 84:11, reminds us of the blessings God wants to pour out on us when we live faithful. What would it look like for you walk blameless? I look forward to hearing from you. … More God’s Promise

Cast Your Cares

Do you still feel like God doesn’t care? I’ve been thinking about that question. I know that at times I can still feel like God doesn’t care. Even though I know He does. How do you put knowledge into action? In 1Peter 5:7, we are instructed to cast all of our care on God. “Cast … More Cast Your Cares

Who Cares

Do you ever feel like no cares? For many of us, we even think God doesn’t care about us. Could this feeling about God be a misunderstanding on our part? I came across the Apostle Paul’s prayer in the book of Ephesians. Paul is praying for Christ followers to understand the measures of God’s great love. … More Who Cares