Riding A Bike

Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike?

I learned to ride a bike with my grandfather holding onto the bike. As I progressed, he moved further out of my eye sight and held less of the bike. I didn’t crash until I looked back to notice I was riding on my own. The last step was painful but necessary for my success.

How did you learn to ride a bike? Did you experience any pain from failure? Did you get back on the bike? Did you feel elated when you successfully rode your bike?

Think about it!

Sometimes it’s the simple lessons from our childhood that help push us towards success in our adulthood.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing your bike riding story. Feel free to share my post and subscribe to receive new content.

2 thoughts on “Riding A Bike

  1. I think I was in first grade when I learned to ride a bike. I didn’t have my own bike so I learned on my next door neighbors bike. I remember riding until my bottom hurt, but I didn’t care because it was so much fun. I don’t remember crashing but I do remember the pain came when I had to give the bike back to my neighbor and I couldn’t ride anytime I wanted to.

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