Do you like change?

I like getting new things or trying out new tech. It’s cool to learn something new. I also can easily grow accustom to routine and dislike change. There’s just certain ways I like doing things. Change can be both liked and disliked.

What causes you to have a negative feeling of change?

Does change give you anxious negative feelings when it costs you something?

Think about it!

Change can help us learn new things, meet new people, or help us see things from a different perspective.

What change are you facing?

Thanks for reading my blog. I would like to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Hi Bobby, this is Carolyn from CP. You pulled me in with talk of learning. I adore learning new things most of the time (!) even when it taxes me and have recently challenged myself to learn to knit and crochet various items. I tell myself it will keep me from becoming dull or rigid. I am not sure that completely translates into liking change though. I will have to think about that more.

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