Productivity Tools

What productivity tools do you use?

For years I had used the Franklin Covey planner system. I attended their productivity courses and learned how to utilize their planner system. However, with the rise of technology, I slowly moved to devices. I struggled to find the right App. I tried Outlook, Apple ICal, Planner Plus, Nozbe, Evernote and many others. I like Planner Plus because it reminded me the most of the Franklin Covey planner system. I tried to find the one App that would do everything I needed perfectly. What I discovered was a new way to do the things I needed better.

What productivity tools do I use?

My top tool is Evernote. It’s like having a digital brain. I can put handwritten notes, information from websites I want to save, and collect research material. They have so many features. It does take the effort to learn a few tricks to customize notebooks and notes. Evernote was my primary go-to as I worked on my doctorate and completed it. I filed and took notes from my seminars in Evernote. I organized all my research in Evernote. I still like to use a paper notebook to take notes. I like the Moleskin notebooks. I have found them at Target, Costco, Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon. I have also ordered them directly from the Moleskin website.

I still use the Apple ICal for my calendar. I still like Planner Plus, but I’m not using it currently. I found Nozbe to be costly for my needs. I only use Outlook when I have too. There are many great Apps out there. Thank you to all the developers creating and improving Apps every day.

What tools do you use for productivity? 

Think about it!  What helps you stay organized and get things done? That is productivity.

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