Drive Like Nehemiah

Have you ever heard Nehemiah’s story? You can read about his story in the Bible in the book of Nehemiah.

When it comes to leadership Nehemiah’s story is a great example of leadership drive. Nehemiah is serving in a place far from home. He hears about the destruction and asks for safe passage back home from the king. Nehemiah was strategically positioned as the cupbearer to the king. There are so many layers to his story and how God provided for him. Something sticks out to me every time I read his story. Nehemiah had a drive. There seems to be a driving force that keeps Nehemiah moving forward in spite of his circumstances and the challenges he faced.

  1. He had an unwavering faith in God,
  2. He had a servants heart,
  3. He had a broken heart for the people,
  4. He built a team and inspired others,
  5. He worked hard and finished the job.

This list is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the drive Nehemiah had as a leader. These are a few traits that stand as a driving force in his leadership.

Think about it!

What drives you?

Maybe Nehemiah’s story would inspire you in your leadership drive. Read his story today and see what you find behind Nehemiah’s drive as a leader.

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