Seeking Wisdom

Do you have people in your life you turn to for advice?

Maybe you have many go-to people. Talking to someone wise helps you build the confidence you may need to move forward to move past your FEAR. Sometimes talking to someone wise creates a buffer from doing something unwise.

This is an important step in my journey. I can easily get stuck at the FEAR step. I have an idea or something I feel led to do, so I sit on it. Sometimes I have to build the success in my mind to be bigger than the failure. But that doesn’t usually help. I collect information and over analysis to the point, I still can’t move.

Seeking wisdom can add to the problem if all I do is collect more data. That is why I seek out diversity in my wise counsel. I need encouragers to help me through every stage of the journey. I also need those who I trust and know me the best to give me the honest truth.

My faith and relationship with God is the most important part of my journey. God knows me best because He created me. When I spend time reading and studying the Bible, His wisdom pours out. His honesty and discipline are there as well.

What does your wise counsel look like?

Think about it!

What is keeping you from moving forward? Do you have a dream to become a baker, a writer, to serve others, or to pursue a promotion at work? Do you feel stuck in your job but you dream of doing something more meaningful with your life?

You named your FEAR, you are talking to someone wise, and now it’s time to do the hard work. Just take the next step.

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