Neighboring​ 101

Neighboring is simply loving others more than yourself.

In reflecting on the past Sunday, I am struck by the multiple learning opportunities that passed my way on what seemed like a typical Sunday.  Our family followed our usual routine of going to church, but the day had the makings of a catastrophe. Our kids love those Starbucks mocha frappuccino drinks. Don’t judge! We have bought a few and save the glass bottles for reuse. My Most Amazing Wife has a recipe for a homemade version. By the way, it doesn’t really contain much coffee. I’m sure the homemade drink is healthier!

LOVE is offering healthier alternatives!

On occasions, we let our kids have a homemade mocha drink for a special treat. This particular Sunday they were allowed to grab their drink on their way out the door for church. Everyone grabbed their drink except for one of my sons. Halfway into our 30-minute drive to church, we realize the dilemma. My Most Amazing Wife, quick on her feet, solves the problem by offering to make him a hot chocolate at church and the morning trip is saved! We get to church, we’re not late, and everyone gets to their prospective places.

LOVE is problem-solving!

My Most Amazing Wife and I are in our couples Bible study and near the end, my wife disappears for a moment. I’m thinking, “Oh the kids need to be picked up, seems early, but good call.” I continue with conversations around the table. My wife returns and rejoins the conversation.  I have no clue where she went or why. There are no signs of a problem. Our conversations move outside our Bible study room and I notice my son sitting at a table with an insulated cup in hand, containing what I assume is his special drink.  All is well!

LOVE is keeping your promise!

So the day carries on… we pick up our kids and head to worship. It was a very moving service.  Powerful songs that tied beautifully in with the message.  I was so moved I had to wipe moisture from my eyes. Must have been something in the air?  In the moment, I felt overwhelmed by the awe and majesty of God. Even in a room filled with people, I was drawn into worship.  When I closed my eyes, I was transported to the throne room of God and found myself singing to an audience of One.

LOVE is loving God with everything we have!

Reflecting on our eventful morning… I am reminded that my wife really is the most amazing woman!  She kept a simple mistake from turning into a wrecking ball, which could have caused us to miss what God was teaching us in Bible study and worship that morning, through keeping a simple promise.

Never neglect the seemingly unimportant moments with your family.  Loving in the small ways can sometimes mean more. And sometimes loving your neighbor means loving those who are right next to you.



3 thoughts on “Neighboring​ 101

  1. Sometimes I hear people say the Bible (Chrisitasnity) isn’t relevant in today’s modern world. The Bible is about the old Earth, old ways of doing and thinking. I have to smile because I believe differently, especially when I recall one of my favorite questions asked at the very beginning of man’s journey, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” 6,000 years later we are still asking. LOVE your neighbor, it’s the key to the Kingdom.

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