Hole In Your Bucket

Do you ever think back on memories and replay them in your head?

Today has been like that for me. I have this memory of a time my family was celebrating my son’s one-year-old birthday. We had family over, we enjoyed eating cupcakes and ice cream. I remember being frozen in time as I watched my nephew and niece play with my son’s new water table. My niece would take a cup and fill it up with water. Then she would take it across the yard and pour it on a potted plant on our patio. I noticed my nephew watching this event take place. Then he decided it looked like fun. He made his way to the water table and took the cup from my niece. Tragedy strikes! My niece’s face began to change shape from a smile to a frown. The tears were beginning to form.

I took the opportunity to be a good uncle… I stopped my nephew in the act. I offered a compromise. There was another cup in the water table. I handed the cup to my nephew and they both ran off to water our plants. But then I notice, the cup I gave my nephew had a hole in it. As he ran to fill the plant with water he also watered the grass, toys and whatever else came across his path. At that moment life was good. These two children had no care in the world and a little hole in the water bucket was not going to change their fun.

As an adult in this situation, what would you have done when you realized you had a hole in your bucket? You might feel defeated. Maybe you would feel like a failure. All because of one little hole in your bucket.

Take a pause!  Don’t miss the bigger picture.  You may be serving a greater purpose with the hole in your bucket.


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